Questions, Anyone? Questions?

Is this blog all about health foods? No, it is not cumulatively about health foods. I do include healthy choices, but I am more focused on great recipes as a whole that are easy for college students to afford to make. Many other people have awesome health food blogs you should check out!

Does this blog have recipes available for download? No, sadly my recipes are not available for download. If you would like me to send you any of my recipes you can shoot me an email!

Where can I be contacted? Oh, I’m so glad you asked! You can contact me through email at: collegeeatsblog@gmail.com

Do I try all of the recipes I post about? Yes, absolutely! I wouldn’t share a recipe that I never tried myself. It’s really important to me to know that these are good recipes that can actually be made and afforded by college students. I try each recipe before sharing it, and include the photos I took while making the recipes in my blog.

How do I know so much about finding cheap food? Well, I am a huge bargain shopper. I will search for deals anywhere and everywhere, so I’ve kind of figured out which stores have the best deals. I think that buying in bulk is really important, so shopping in wholesale stores, like Costco or BJ’s is where it’s at. Walmart and PriceRite are also awesome places to find deals. I think you can find cheap food anywhere you shop, as long as you look for the deals and bargains! 

Why do I have a blog about food? . . . Who doesn’t enjoy food? I like posting about food recipes because it’s something I participate in and allows share real opinions and information with you all. I think it’s important and helpful to post recipes easy for college students to make and afford!


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