Morning Food Made Easy


Another early morning and another growling stomach. I guess they come hand-in-hand at this point.

Every morning I feel as if my stomach is this empty pit that will never be filled, well not until lunch time of course (if 2:30 PM counts as lunch time). It’s just crying out Continue reading




Did you know that there are cheap, inexpensive ways to eat healthy? That you don’t need to spend $100 at the grocery store? There are places and ways to save your money, you broke college student.

Personally I think the best place to shop is Walmart. Who doesn’t like Walmart? You have to be crazy if you don’t. Everything is a deal there, especially when you buy store brand. Store brand basically tastes the same as name brand everyone! AND it’s half the price.

Another great place to food shop is Costco, or BJ’s. Buy in bulk; it saves so much money. I usually buy frozen chicken breast there, along with pastas, sauces, snacks, and drinks. Buy the basics, the things you don’t want to run out of.

Even if you can’t shop at any of those stores, do your best to look for sales and buy store brand products. You won’t be sorry.