It’s the Final Countdown


Who is slowly dwindling down to the crabbiest, most sluggish form of themselves? I am!

If you’re not, you’re one lucky duck because quite frankly finals are kicking me in the ass. Maybe not as swiftly as others are being kicked, but it’s pretty bad.


Let’s see: I worked on homework for about nine hours yesterday. NINE. And I accomplished only two out of about 10 projects. Yes, you read right, just TWO. At least I accomplished something?


Whatever, I’ll get it all done eventually (says the biggest procrastinator in the world).


ANYWAYS . . . I was so exhausted yesterday that I decided to purchase my self a fancy little energy drink. Great idea, right? NO. It did not help a bit.


After doing some research, I realized that there isn’t really anything good about energy drinks. Well, I mean they don’t really do anything good for me at least, but I’m not even a coffee drinker, so I usually don’t have much caffeine. I don’t know how they affect you, but you may want to know more about what is INSIDE of those energy drinks you’re sucking down.


While I was all hyped up from the caffeine I’d consumed, I could not focus a bit on my papers. All social networks were suddenly extremely entertaining. My friends walking by would distract me for minutes at a time. Why couldn’t I just wave hello and continue on with my work? Caffeine. Caffeine is NOT my friend. It is most definitely my foe. Along with any and every social networking site.


I mean I’d rather work on perfecting my resume instead of write my paper . . . Who does that? If I don’t write my papers I won’t need that resume anyways, because who’d give me a job if I can’t graduate?


All of these struggles of finals time can be easily avoided, yet most people struggle with them anyways. I think that THE most IMPORTANT part of finals time is SLEEP. We need, need, need to remember how important sleep is during this time. Without it, we’re not going to function. Procrastination will never help us, caffeine can only “help” you so much, and social networks will only distract you for so long.


You’re eventually going to need to get down to it and accomplish what you need to do. Come on, you can do it! And you will. Just remember how important all of the things we talked about are, and you’ll be just fine. Don’t you worry.




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