10 Foods that Want to Help with Finals


Well, here it is . . . every college student’s favorite time of the year. Finals. Oh, joy.

Here are some awesome foods that can help you be a finals genius:

1. These chocolate covered acai berries with blueberry really want you to finally go get your computer and open it up.


2. The peanut butter needs you to stop staring at the wall immediately and start focusing on what you need to do, with love of course.


3. The yogurt sincerely wants you to stop constantly over-cleaning to avoid your homework.


4. These cashews are so proud that you started your paper . . . that was due 3 weeks ago.


5. This banana isn’t too mad you took a break to eat because you FINALLY wrote a whole page!


6. These almonds  really wants to help you focus on finishing this paper.


7. These sun flower seeds are a great distraction . . . keep writing!


8. These cranberries are really encouraging you to get through the rest of this paper. And want you to stop staring at the wall . . . again.


9. These avocados would love to be made into that guacamole you’re dreaming about putting on a burrito. Yum.  A burrito. Stop it. Focus. You’re almost there!

10. This chicken, cheese, and brown rice are really happy to be a part of the burrito you can NOW reward yourself with because YOU FINISHED YOU PAPER. Go you!


You did it. You became a finals genius.

Just remember all of these foods that can help your brain with your next project.



2 thoughts on “10 Foods that Want to Help with Finals

  1. Reblogged this on Budgeting4Beer and commented:
    Finals is such a stressful time of the semester. My body has recently been shutting down on me, and others I’m sure feel the same, it’s important to fuel your body in the best possible way. Here are some great foods to keep you running at your best during this extremely stressful, sleep-deprived time of the semester! Next time pick up one of these snacks and you’ll feel less guilty about your habit of stress eating!

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