A Time for Change


The end of the fall 2013 semester is finally here . . .

Some of us are graduating, transferring, leaving college, or coming back for another semester in the spring. Many have just begun a journey of four years, maybe two, maybe more. And it’s a wonderful trip.

This semester has had it’s highs and it’s lows, but hopefully we’ve all come out unscathed. It may be hard for some of us to go home, and others may be thrilled and rushing onto the Mass Pike.

Just as the semester is ending, as is my blog. I would love to continue sharing helpful college food recipes and tips, but six classes and three jobs don’t really make that an option for me.

And hopefully I’ve helped at least one person eat well at college . . .

If you need to find another person’s blog to help you find recipes and tips, I’m sure I can find it in me to understand. So here it is, another blog, that I have scoured the internet for and share with you, my lovely readers: http://thecollegefoodblog.tumblr.com/

So long friends.


It’s the Final Countdown


Who is slowly dwindling down to the crabbiest, most sluggish form of themselves? I am!

If you’re not, you’re one lucky duck because quite frankly finals are kicking me in the ass. Maybe not as swiftly as others are being kicked, but it’s pretty bad.


Let’s see: I worked on homework for about nine hours yesterday. NINE. And I accomplished only two out of about 10 projects. Yes, you read right, just TWO. At least I accomplished something?


Whatever, I’ll get it all done eventually (says the biggest procrastinator in the world).


ANYWAYS . . . Continue reading

Holiday Healthy Eating



Basically my thought process during the holidays . . . Is that bad?

Well, yes, it is sort of bad when I’m trying to be healthy, which I’m sure a lot of you are trying to do. I find it SO difficult to eat healthy during the holidays with all of the treats my grandmother is basically shoving down my throat, in a good way of course.

So we have all of these grand ideas of healthy holiday recipes with low fat ingredients, and gluten free this and that, but cooking that way seems to never tastes the way it should. I’m sure you can still enjoy holiday treats in a healthy way, but is it the same? I don’t know. That’s up to you.

I mean sure, healthy recipes can do wonders during the holidays, but the biggest problem I see is the family getting together, which means cooking in bulk. When you cook in bulk, you need to be able to satisfy everyone. Adding a healthy recipe to the mix can cause some issues!

And come on, don’t you want to indulge during the holidays? It’s a time to be jolly and merry . . . And who isn’t when they’re eating their favorite holiday treats?

I guess it seems like I am trying to persuade you to eat unhealthy foods during the holidays (which I am), but for your sake let’s talk about some of the awesome things that come out of eating healthy.

Well, when you eat healthy you don’t have to worry about the effects the unhealthy foods will have on your mind and body, which can definitely be a huge plus. Maybe you won’t need to take that trip to the gym you were planning on New Year’s Eve?

Healthy foods also tend to not be as heavy in your stomach, so maybe you can eat more healthy treats? I hope that’s a real thing . . .

Maybe, just maybe we can find a happy balance between all of the holiday treats we’ll be having in just a couple weeks. You can still take that trip to the gym, but you won’t have to stress over it.

Remember, the holidays really are a time to slow down, be with the ones you love, and enjoy everything about life. Don’t forget that. And PLEASE try not to worry about what you’re eating.

Now that I think about it, is it really that important?

Grammercy Tavern’s Monkey Bread


I just HAD to share this with you all! This Monkey Bread looks delicious and since we’re all heading home soon for Winter break . . . I guess maybe you could borrow some ingredients that there already is at home? It does need quite a few ingredients, but I am sure it’s worth it. It could definitely be a great holiday treat! Enjoy!

What's On the Stove?

monkeybreadThis is one of those famous recipes from the restaurants very own cookbook. That said, as the recipe is reported at Serious Eats, it’s utterly wrong.

That said, it’s one great recipe and worth your time.

Makes for utterly great breakfast fare.

But it makes three times what it claims to. Dough wise that is. The rest of the recipe seems correct for one pan.

I’m giving you the original recipe. I took 2/3 of the dough, divided that in half and wrapped it and put it in the freezer after it has passed through the first rising, and before I made the actual dough rounds. I’ll let you know if that doesn’t work when I make it again, otherwise it’s a bonus that will speed up the next two batches quite a bit.


  • Toffee Sauce
  • 2/3 cup plus 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 1 cup packed dark…

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Morning Food Made Easy


Another early morning and another growling stomach. I guess they come hand-in-hand at this point.

Every morning I feel as if my stomach is this empty pit that will never be filled, well not until lunch time of course (if 2:30 PM counts as lunch time). It’s just crying out Continue reading

10 Foods that Want to Help with Finals


Well, here it is . . . every college student’s favorite time of the year. Finals. Oh, joy.

Here are some awesome foods that can help you be a finals genius:

1. These chocolate covered acai berries with blueberry really want you to finally go get your computer and open it up.


2. The peanut butter needs you to stop staring at the wall immediately and start focusing on what you need to do, with love of course. Continue reading