Turkey Day Must-Haves


Ok, everyone has their Thanksgiving dinner faves, but let’s be honest there are a few foods that you can’t do Thanksgiving without . . .


I don’t  mean to make cranberry sauce an unimportant part of Thanksgiving, but would you really miss it if it wasn’t there? I wouldn’t. In my opinion, it’s gross, but so many people do love it. Why else would it  be an essential part of Thanksgiving dinner?

Now for my personal favorite, mashed potatoes . . . There are so many types of mashed potatoes you can make! Whether it’s red skinned or sweet, you can easily jazz up your Thanksgiving dinner with some mashed potatoes.

We also know a pretty important part of Thanksgiving dinner, if I do say so my self . . . PIE! Yummy, yummy pie! I like pumpkin pie, but oh gosh, there are so many pies you can make. It really depends on what your friends and family like, but pie is DEFINITELY a must-have.

And we can’t forget . . . Drumroll please . . . Duh duh duh duh TURKEY!

It’s Turkey Day, so what would you do without some turkey? Really no matter how you make your turkey, it definitely wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it!

The most important part of Thanksgiving, though, is spending time with friends and family close to your heart.

I hope you all enjoy your Turkey Day!


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