Chipotle for Cheap?



Does anyone else spend the entirety of their paycheck at Chipotle Mexican Grill? Or is that just me?

Well, look what I found :

This website has all of the recipes to make homemade Chipotle! Best. Day. Ever.

BUT there are a lot of ingredients, so maybe pick out your favorites and make those. Personally, I like a tortilla filled with the corn salsa, red hot salsa, chicken, brown rice, and pinto beans, plus the cheese and lettuce to top it off.

I looked around for prices, and to make an all organic burrito it’s kind of pricy, as most organic foods are. This is worth it when you’re cooking in bulk because purchasing a burrito from chipotle can cost upwards of $7.

Being a college student, it might not be easy to make an all organic burrito from scratch, yet it could be a fun DIY project with your roommates. Making Chipotle at home can save you a lot of money in the long run, but let’s be honest, it tastes best when someone else is wrapping it for you.


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