Pinterest Gone Wrong . . . or Right?


Have you ever tried to recreate some amazing DIY (do it yourself) project you found on Pinterest? Did you fail miserably? Or maybe you are one of the few who actually replicated that perfectly complicated gluten free, lactose free brownies that you just had to make . . . Kudos!

Just as many of you do, I find myself scrolling through Pinterest whenever I want a new idea or inspiration for creating something whether it be food or decorations. For instance, I wanted to make sugar skull cookies for an event I was hosting, so I scoured Pinterest in search of sugar skull cookie inspiration and found this:


Ok, so now I am all inspired by these amazing looking sugar skull cookies and set out to make them. And apparently no stores sell skull cookie cutters. After I basically turned Walmart upside down and inside out in search of a skull cookie cutter, I happened upon one in plain sight as part of the Halloween section. And of course, the only one I can find is small and shaped the wrong way; what a great start to my Pinterest fail.

Actually, let’s not call them Pinterest fails, let’s call them Pinterest imperfections.

Now I get back to my apartment ready to bake. And for once everything went right. Very strange. I just worked with what I had and made small skull cookies and made imprints for a face with a straw and fork as you can see below :


Then I baked my cookies and they ACTUALLY TASTED GOOD. Can you not tell how EXCITED I was about that? Anyways, I have yet to actually fail my Pinterest endeavor . . .

I baked about two dozen cookies and decided to decorate one to use as an example for my event. I tried my best to make it look like the pictures, but of course I forgot my white frosting, and my cookies did not end up looking like the picture, BUT I like the way they came out.

My cookies were perfectly imperfect in their own special way. So basically, I decided that imperfections are gold. And we should forget about making these DIY Pinterest projects so perfect, and enjoy the process of making them. Even if they didn’t look right, at least I’d have cookies, right? Nothing can go wrong with cookies.



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