Chicken Noodle Soup Anyone?



If you don’t have a cold right now, you must be some crazy super human with an insanely great immune system. For us not-so-super-humans, this cold season is harsh and personally, I’m struggling to get better. If only I had some chicken noodle soup . . .

Ok, so us college students don’t exactly have much time to make homemade chicken noodle soup while being sick on top of our busy schedules, which is why we usually end up eating canned soup. Canned soup can help you feel better when you’re sick, but is it helping you get better? Let’s be honest; probably not, but what do I know?

Maybe you’re the type of person that likes Ramen noodles. You could make some Ramen chicken noodle soup by adding some fresh ingredients like chicken, celery, and carrots to the Ramen noodles. And voilà chicken noodle soup!

Let’s be really honest here for a quick second – being sick in college is beyond frustrating. You want to curl up in a ball and never move until you magically feel better, right? Well at least I do. And eating Ramen noodles and canned soup probably isn’t going to help you get healthy again.

I think it’s smarter in the long run to just spend the money and take the time to make some of Grandma’s good old chicken noodle soup. It’s so much healthier and not only can help you feel better, but actually get better.

Whatever you sick people are doing to get better, make sure you don’t forget to eat some chicken noodle soup!


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