Cheesy Goodness


Yummy grilled cheese with tomato soup is an easy, cheap meal that almost anyone can make. I got all of my ingredients at Walmart, all THREE of my ingredients. It cost less than $10 for multiple meals. So I bought a loaf of bread, a package of cheese slices, and a few cans of Campbell’s tomato soup, since I don’t really have the time or skills to make my own.

I’m thinking I’ll make a plain old grilled cheese and eat it with my canned tomato soup, but instead I found this great recipe to make grilled cheese dippers! It took the same ingredients, but changed it around a little:

  1. Cut the crust off of 8 pieces of bread
  2. Use a rolling pin to roll them flat
  3. Put 1 slice of cheese on each piece of bread
  4. Roll up each piece of bread with the cheese on it and place it on a pan on top of the stove heated at medium
  5. Cook until light brown and flip each over until in looks light brown on both sides
  6. Simultaneously cook the tomato soup until it reaches a boil
  7. When they are both finished, pour the soup into two bowls and put the grilled cheese dippers on a plate and share with a friend!





A very delicious meal! Plus it was easy to make.


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